• Manufacturer : LG Life Sciences
  • Active Substance(s) : hyaluronic acid with lidocaine
  • Pack Size : 1 syringe x 1mL
  • B - Brand Name
YVOIRE®  CLASSIC PLUS  1 syringe x 1mL
YVOIRE®  CLASSIC PLUS  1 syringe x 1mL YVOIRE®  CLASSIC PLUS  1 syringe x 1mL YVOIRE®  CLASSIC PLUS  1 syringe x 1mL

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Product Information

Correct and remove facial lines, wrinkles, and folds using Yvoire® Classic Plus. This highly purified and nonpyrogenic cross-linked hyaluronic acid is suitable for smoothing the complexion and for lip augmentation. It also improves the skin with hydrating properties and revitalizes the complexion for a youthful look. The ergonomic design of the syringe ensures that the injection is as accurate as possible. Additionally, the supplied lidocaine alleviates the burning sensation during the procedure.

The key element is the glycosaminoglycan polymer, hyaluronic acid. This substance is critical in providing hydration. By attracting up to 1,000 times its own weight in water molecules, this filler provides volume to support the skin. Although it is naturally produced in the human body, the concentration of hyaluronic acid depletes when the aging process occurs. However, synthetic hyaluronic acid sourced from bacterial fermentation is found to be biocompatible and able to supply the same benefits as healthy skin. Thus, replenishment of the substance is made possible with Yvoire® Classic Plus.

This specific dermal filler aims to treat moderate facial lines, wrinkles and folds. The small particle size of 400㎛ is tightly bound to each other with a reticulating agent and leaves no gaps in between. This allows it to be flexible and sturdy in conforming to the targeted area, and resist from enzymatic degradation. The solution also contains minimal foreign particles to ensure a high rate of purification. The networks of hyaluronic acid are cohesive and can endure for up to a year. The end result should be satisfactory to both patient and doctor, reviving natural-looking volume to the skin.

The procedure becomes more comfortable with the use of the anesthetic lidocaine, which helps to numb the area from any painful sensations. The ergonomic design of the backstopper allows doctor to grip the syringe with more convenience. The procedure can take up to an average of 30 minutes and with minimal downtime. Therefore, patients can walk out of the clinic looking refreshed and youthful. The positive effects can be extended with a follow-up treatment in a year after the initial treatment.

Only trained doctors, plastic surgeons, and professional estheticians can conduct this treatment using Yvoire® Classic Plus. Side effects that may occur include erythema or redness, mild discoloration, edema, swelling or bruising, or other forms of inflammation. With proper care, these effects should resolve in 7 to 14 days. Some rare cases have been reported including hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, swelling in the nose, mouth or throat, granulomas, necrosis and infections. This treatment is reversible using enzyme hyaluronidase.

To avoid severe side effects such as prolonged swelling, apply ice pack onto the treated site afterwards. Doctors should also observe the appropriate antiseptic technique before the procedure. The patient should discuss their skin condition and other concerns regarding the treatment. After the session, patients should avoid applying makeup for up to 12 hours. They should also protect the treated areas from prolonged sunlight, UV rays, saunas and baths, pollutants and smoke.

Offer Yvoire® Classic Plus to patients who wish to have a satisfying, comfortable and cost-effective procedure for smoothing out moderate wrinkles, folds, and lines. The positive outcome can last up to a year before it is absorbed into the neighboring tissues.

Purchase Yvoire® Classic Plus from Medical Device Source to help your patient look and feel more youthful and confident!

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