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  • Pack Size : 12 pads
  • Accessories: package insert
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Product Information

Due to the inevitable aging process, the amount of collagen in the skin gradually declines, leading to the loss of skin elasticity and laxity. At the same time, wrinkles begin to appear on the neck and face. While aging cannot be stopped, it is possible to improve the signs of aging with treatment from devices like the Thermage CPT system. Buy Thermage TR-2 Return Pads to enhance the safety and effectiveness of treatments with this system.

Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is a non-monitoring pad that ensures consistent electrical contact between the skin and whatever Thermage applicator tip is being used with a Thermage CPT system during treatment with said system. This skin tightening system basically works on the principle of radiofrequency heating. Once the tip attached to the Thermage CPT system’s Handpiece touches the skin, it releases a fixed amount of radiofrequency energy into deep dermal tissues at the targeted area. This energy heats up the collagen structures, instantly tightening the skin. Acting as an accessory, Thermage TR-2 Return Pad provides a complete electrical circuit, allowing energy to be transferred from the Thermage CPT system to the patient and back again. For optimal outcomes, the pad should be fully attached to the treatment site. Each Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is for single-patient use only.

Prior to using a Thermage TR-2 Return Pad, inspect its packaging. Do not use the pad if the pouch is damaged or opened. To use a Thermage TR-2 Return Pad, remove the backing paper from the pad. Apply it to the skin at one end, and then press and smooth it to the opposite end. Using a finger, apply pressure to the adhesive border. Massage the whole pad area; this ensures adequate contact of the pad with the skin. Make sure that the pad is completely in contact with the skin. The cable of the Return Pad should be inserted into the notched end of the pad and attached to the generator on the Thermage CPT system. Watch out for signs of heating during treatment. Check the cable connections regularly to make sure they are intact. After the procedure, remove the pad slowly and carefully to prevent skin trauma.

The manufacture does not recommend or endorse the combined use of Thermage CPT with a dermal filler. The effects of combining aesthetic technologies on humans are not well studied. Contact Thermage customer service for the most up-to-date information on the combined use of Thermage CPT and an injectable filler.

Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is intended for physician use only; its sale is restricted to a licensed practitioner. Watch out for any signs of damage (or wear) that may lead to exposed wiring and other defects. During tuning, patient should not feel any sensation of heat at the site where the pad is placed. Stop the treatment right away and check the pad’s placement if the patient reports feeling electrical stimulus or heat. Do not carry out the procedure before this condition is fixed.

Thermage CPT is contraindicated for patients who have an automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator (AICDs), an implantable pacemaker, or an implantable electronic device. The effectiveness and safety of radiofrequency energy largely depend on operator-related factors, such as proper placement of the pad. Therefore, it is important that all precautions and warnings are understood and observed. To ensure optimal results and patient safety with Thermage CPT treatment, follow all instructions in the system’s package insert. In order to prevent the occurrence of electrical burns, the return pad must be used and placed correctly. In general, a Thermage TR-2 Return Pad should be placed on an area that is well vascularized (e.g. the lower back). Avoid placing the pad on the neck, head, or shoulder. Ensure that the well vascularized site is not obstructed by any object during the treatment procedure. After the initial application of this pad, do not relocate it. Refrain from modifying or cutting the connector or pad in any way. Keep in mind that the Thermage TR-2 Return Pad is only compatible with the Thermage CPT system.

The results of a treatment session with the Thermage CPT system can generally last for a few years, depending on skin condition, age, lifestyle, and other factors. The duration of the effects of a Thermage CPT treatment session may vary greatly from patient to patient. Buy Thermage TR-2 Return Pads from Medical Device Source.

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