• Manufacturer : Solta Medical
  • Strength : 900 REP
  • Pack Size : 1 piece
  • Accessories: package insert
  • B - Brand Name
THERMAGE® 3.0cm² TOTAL TIP 900 REP 900 REP 1 piece
THERMAGE® 3.0cm² TOTAL TIP 900 REP 900 REP 1 piece THERMAGE® 3.0cm² TOTAL TIP 900 REP 900 REP 1 piece THERMAGE® 3.0cm² TOTAL TIP 900 REP 900 REP 1 piece
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  • Manufacturer : Solta Medical
  • Strength : 1200 REP
  • Pack Size : 1 piece
  • B - Brand Name

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Product Information

Due to the aging process, the concentration of collagen in the skin gradually declines, causing wrinkles and fine lines to emerge. At the same time, skin sagging occurs due to the loss of elasticity. Order Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip from Medical Device Source to help your patients fight these signs of aging.

Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip is a treatment tip that works as part of the Thermage CPT system. It is developed and produced by Solta Medical, a medical aesthetic device company based in California. Designed for the body, face, and neck, this versatile treatment tip can only be used with Thermage CPT, which stands in contrast to other Thermage treatment tips that can be used alongside older Thermage systems. Thanks to the innovative Comfort Pulse Technology integrated in Thermage CPT, treatments with it are comfortable and involves minimal pain. When Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip is attached to the Handpiece of a functioning Thermage CPT device and touches the treatment site, it delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to the deep layers of the skin at the site, thereby heating the collagen in the underlying tissues. The production of collagen is also stimulated with this heat. As a result of these effects, the treated skin becomes instantly tightened, which reduces the severity of sagging and corrects the appearance of wrinkles. When used for body contouring, the Total Tip helps to remove unwanted bulges. Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip 900 REP is designed to provide even heat distribution; in other words, it heats up more tissues to the desired temperature, so it offers better volumetric heating.

Prior to using a Thermage CPT device that has Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip attached to it, a grid-patterned stencil should be transferred onto the site of treatment, as it helps ensure correct placement. A self-adhesive pad should be attached to the back or stomach of the patient to create a return path, as it allows the RF current to return to the generator. According to some doctors, a Thermage treatment, including ones done with a Thermage CPT device, can take 20 minutes to two hours to complete. The actual treatment time may vary, depending on the location and size of the treatment site. The results of a Thermage CPT treatment are often immediately visible after the procedure is complete, which is very different from many other aesthetic treatments that usually require four or more sessions to show results.

Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip is clinically proven to be safe and effective. Most patients that undergo Thermage CPT treatment do not experience significant pain, even when an anesthetic cream is not applied. However, a local anesthetic may be prescribed for those with a heightened sensitivity to pain. Thermage CPT not associated with major downtime; this is why many patients are able to resume their daily activities right after treatment. Having said that, minor skin reactions may occur after the procedure. This includes swelling, redness, and bruising, all of which are self-limiting and short lived. Skin damage may also occur after a treatment with a Thermage CPT device and Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip. Furthermore, there is a risk of fat loss (atrophy) with such a treatment, as the radiofrequency current released by the Thermage CPT device and channeled by this tip may have a damaging effect on adipocytes, causing them to burst and be absorbed. In rare cases, patients may experience the collection of blood under the skin, which is a condition known as hematoma. Cases of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation are uncommon, as Thermage CPT, and all Thermage systems for that matter, has no effect on the upper skin layers.

Other than this Total Tip, Solta Medical also sells other treatment tips, such as the Body Tip and Eye Tip, which are designed for the body and eyelids, respectively. Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip is available with a REP value of 900 or 1200. In general, patients with thinner skin should use tips with a lower REP value.

Many patients can see significant skin improvements after a single treatment session. Over the subsequent two to six months, the skin tightening results only further improve because, as mentioned above, the radiofrequency energy that Thermage CPT devices generate stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. In most cases, the results of a treatment can last from 12 months up to 24 months. Keep in mind that the length of action may vary, depending on patient-related factors such as age and lifestyle. If your patients are looking for an effective skin tightening treatment that delivers instant results, order Thermage 3.0cm² Frame Total Tip from Medical Device Source to use it with a Thermage CPT device for this purpose.

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