• Manufacturer : Solta Medical
  • Strength : 1200 REP
  • Pack Size : 1 piece
  • Accessories: package insert
  • B - Brand Name
THERMAGE® 3.0cm² BODY TIP 1200 REP 1200 REP 1 piece
THERMAGE® 3.0cm² BODY TIP 1200 REP 1200 REP 1 piece THERMAGE® 3.0cm² BODY TIP 1200 REP 1200 REP 1 piece THERMAGE® 3.0cm² BODY TIP 1200 REP 1200 REP 1 piece

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Product Information

Aging can cause skin to loosen and unwanted bulges to form. While it is not possible to stop the aging process entirely, these adverse dermal developments can be rectified with the right treatment. To this point, buy Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip from Medical Device Source to help your patient fight these signs. 

Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip is a treatment tip that is used to tighten skin and remove unwanted bulges on the body when it is used with a Thermage device. This Body Tip works by channeling a fixed amount of radiofrequency energy to the deep skin layers. This energy subsequently heats up the collagen in the underlying tissues and stimulates collagen production. Thermage treatment tips, including Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip, are able to distribute heat evenly, which allows for advanced volumetric heating; in other words, they heat up a large volume of tissue to the desired temperature.  Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip is commonly used along Thermage CPT, the flagship model of the Thermage brand. Developed by Solta, CPT is a proprietary technology that allows for improved patient comfort and optimal results during treatment. This tip is also compatible with older Thermage devices such as TC3, which is still being used in some clinics. Generally, it is recommended to use the newer Thermage CPT, especially for patients that have a lower pain tolerance.

Prior to the use of this treatment tip and a Thermage device, a grid-patterned stencil should be put on the treatment site. This ensures the accurate placement of Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip during the treatment process. After applying a cooling gel layer, an adhesive pad should be used to create a return path for the RF waves from the Thermage device to go back to the generator. The pad is usually attached to the stomach or the back of patients. According to some doctors, the procedure can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to complete; overall, the duration of treatment depends on the size and location of the treatment area.

Thermage treatments, including ones that use this treatment tip, are non-invasive and generally comfortable. This is especially the case when using Thermage CPT, a new treatment platform that offers optimal patient comfort and excellent treatment results. Treatment with a Thermage device and Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip is not associated with major downtime; in fact, many patients that have undergone this type of procedure do not experience any complications and are able to resume their daily activities fairly quickly. As with other aesthetic treatments, a Thermage treatment can cause transient side effects such as bruising, swelling, and redness. However, these skin reactions usually subside on their own within a day. Due to the heating induced by radiofrequency energy, adipocytes may become damaged and absorbed, resulting in fat atrophy, or fat loss. Occasionally, hematoma, which is the collection of blood under the skin, may occur. Some patients may also experience skin damage. Thermage systems are unlikely to cause cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation because they do not act on the upper skin layers.

The manufacturer of Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip also offers many other treatment tips for Thermage systems, with each tip designed for specific target areas. These other tips include Thermage Face Tip—which, as its name suggests, is designed for facial treatment—and the Eye Tip, which is designed for the treatment of the eyelids. The wide range of Thermage treatment tips makes Thermage systems highly versatile, as these tips allow for these systems to treat multiple areas.  

Many conventional aesthetic treatments often take four (or more) treatment sessions to work. However, a single Thermage treatment with Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip is able to deliver visible results immediately after the procedure is completed. Moreover, the results of a Thermage treatment can last for years and improve over time. Please note that the duration of action of Thermage treatment can vary, depending on many factors including skin condition and the treatment area. If your patients have lax skin and/or unwanted bulges, buy Thermage 16.0cm² Body Frame Tip 400 REP or 500 REP from Medical Device Source to use it alongside Thermage systems.

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