• Manufacturer : Solta Medical
  • Strength : 450 REP
  • Pack Size : 1 piece
  • B - Brand Name
THERMAGE® 0.25cm² EYE TIP 450 REP 450 REP 1 piece
THERMAGE® 0.25cm² EYE TIP 450 REP 450 REP 1 piece THERMAGE® 0.25cm² EYE TIP 450 REP 450 REP 1 piece THERMAGE® 0.25cm² EYE TIP 450 REP 450 REP 1 piece

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Product Information

As we age, wrinkles and fine lines begin to form on the upper and lower eyelids. Furthermore, the skin around the eyelids becomes loose, resulting in a tired, aged appearance. These changes are due to a decrease in the level of collagen, which is a natural substance in the skin and is essential for vibrant, smooth skin. Purchase Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP from Medical Device Source to help your patients achieve younger-looking eyes.

As its name suggests, Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP is designed for the treatment of wrinkles on both the upper and lower eyelids. At the same time, it can be used to tighten loose skin in these areas. Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP is also highly effective for treating fine lines and crow’s feet (laugh lines around the eyes). This treatment tip is compatible with Thermage systems, such as Thermage CPT. Developed by Solta Medical, CPT is a proprietary technology that delivers optimal patient comfort and dramatic results. Through the delivery of cooling bursts, CPT effectively disrupts the neural responses in the brain, resulting in the reduction of pain during Thermage CPT treatments. Apart from CPT, which is the flagship model of Thermage systems, Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP is also compatible with older Thermage models, such as TC3. Please note that treatment with older Thermage devices can sometimes be painful. This Thermage tip is specially designed for even heat distribution, which allows for enhanced volumetric heating. When attached to the Handpiece of a functioning Thermage device and placed onto the eyelid, this Eye Tip heats a high volume of tissues to the target temperature.

Thermage treatments that involve this treatment tip are quick and simple to carry out and are typically completed in 20 minutes to two hours. Thermage treatments do not require aftercare. In most cases, the results of a Thermage treatment can be seen immediately after the first procedure; this is different from many other cosmetic procedures that require multiple treatment sessions to be carried out to deliver results.

For all Thermage treatments that involve the use of Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP, a grid-patterned stencil should be applied to the designated treatment area before treatment commences. This stencil serves as guide for placing this treatment tip correctly.  In order to create a return travel path, a self-adhesive pad should be placed onto the patient’s back or stomach.

Other than this Eye Tip, the Thermage family also consists of other types of treatment tip; each one of these treatment tips are uniquely designed to be able to treat specific target areas. The Thermage Face Tip, for example, is perfect for treating facial wrinkles. Thermage treatment tips, with their suitability for treating different areas, makes Thermage treatment highly versatile, allowing you to address different aging concerns with just one treatment platform.

Safe and effective, Thermage treatments are associated with minimal pain. Newer Thermage treatment platforms, such a CPT, cause little pain and do not require the use of local anesthetic. If TC3, NXT, or other older Thermage devices are used, a local anesthetic may be prescribed as needed. Thermage procedures are performed without injections and are therefore unlikely to cause infection. Thermage treatment is well tolerated by most patients. Most patients do not experience any major complications after treatment and can return to work immediately. Having said that, some patients that undergo treatment with a Thermage device and this treatment tip may experience transient skin reactions such as bruising, swelling, and redness. Fortunately, these side effects are usually mild in nature; they tend to subside in less than a day even without treatment. Uncommonly, Thermage treatment with Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP can cause hematoma, which is the collection of blood under the skin. Thermage treatment may also cause skin damage. Thermage devices, including ones that use Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP, are not likely to cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, as they act on the deep skin layers without affecting the upper layer. However, these devices may cause the damage and absorption of adipocytes due to the radiofrequency heating.

The results of Thermage treatment that involves Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP are apparent immediately after. What’s more, the results progressively improve over the following two to six months. In many cases, the treatment results can last for years. Due to patient factors such as skin type and lifestyle, the treatment results and the duration of action may vary among individuals. If your patients suffer from wrinkles or fine lines on the eyelids, buy Thermage 0.25cm² ST Eye Tip 450 REP from Medical Device Source.

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