REVOLAX™ DEEP with Lidocaine

REVOLAX™ DEEP with Lidocaine
  • Manufacturer : Across Co., LTD.
  • Active Substance(s) : hyaluronic acid/lidocaine
  • Strength : 24mg/ml, 3mg/ml
  • Pack Size : 1-1.1ml prefilled syringe
  • Accessories: Package insert, 2-27G needles
  • B - Brand Name
REVOLAX™ DEEP with Lidocaine 24mg/ml, 3mg/ml 1-1.1ml prefilled syringe
REVOLAX™ DEEP with Lidocaine 24mg/ml, 3mg/ml 1-1.1ml prefilled syringe REVOLAX™ DEEP with Lidocaine 24mg/ml, 3mg/ml 1-1.1ml prefilled syringe REVOLAX™ DEEP with Lidocaine 24mg/ml, 3mg/ml 1-1.1ml prefilled syringe
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Product Information

The moisture levels of the skin drastically decrease with advancing age, leading to dry, unhealthy skin. Signs of aging, such as the formation of folds and wrinkles, can also begin to form. At the same time, facial volume is significantly reduced, causing the cheeks to appear sunken. Furthermore, avoidable environmental aggressors, such as UV light, can cause elastin and collagen under the skin surface to break down over time. As a result, the skin becomes less flexible and weaker, leading to skin drooping and the formation of wrinkles. Activities such as sunbathing and outdoor sports can increase UV exposure and, by extension, the risk of developing wrinkles prematurely

Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is a high-performance dermal filler made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel. Found abundantly in the skin, hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan that has water-retaining properties. Order Revolax Deep with Lidocaine from Medical Device Source to rectify and combat these adverse developments so as to achieve younger looking skin.

Once injected, Revolax Deep with Lidocaine dramatically reduces the look of deep-sized wrinkles and folds, including stubborn nasolabial folds. This Revolax filler is designed to be administered into the subcutaneous tissue and deep dermis. Being monophasic and highly viscoelastic in nature, Revolax Deep w/ Lidocaine is able to deliver long-lasting results. In most cases, it can last approximately 12 to 18 months. The filler can also be injected into the chin and cheeks for contouring purposes. Plus, Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is suitable for lip augmentation. This filler is integrated with lidocaine, a compound known for its anesthetic properties. Lidocaine is able to induce regional anesthesia by blocking voltage-gated sodium channels; this helps to reduce pain and discomfort for a virtually painless treatment process.

Similar to other hyaluronic acid fillers, injections of Revolax Deep with Lidocaine can cause undesirable reactions at the injection site, including transient skin swelling, pain, itchiness, erythema, and rashes. These symptoms are generally mild and self-limiting in nature and usually subside of their own accord within one week without the need for further treatment. Occasionally, patients may experience nodule formation, necrosis in the glabella area, abscesses, induration, granulomas, discoloration at the injection site, and allergic reactions. Revolax Deep with Lidocaine may also cause infection. Patients are advised to see a doctor if side effects persist or worsen.

Overall, Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is well tolerated by most patients and unlikely to cause significant complications when used correctly. Notably, Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is CE approved. Manufactured in South Korea using cutting-edge technology, Revolax fillers, including this one, are clinically proven to be safe and effective. In fact, their effectiveness is comparable to that of pricier brands, such as Juvederm. Revolax is among the most affordable fillers in the UK, making it the ideal choice for price-conscious patients. Plus, Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is fully biodegradable and absorbable, which means it will eventually disappear without a trace. This contributes to its superior safety profile. Derived from a non-animal source, the dermal filler is not likely to trigger any immunogenic reactions.

To ensure patient safety, Revolax Deep with Lidocaine should only be used in adult patients over 18 years of age. Revolax fillers should not be used in pregnant or lactating women. Other than that, practitioner should avoid injecting into inflamed or infected skin areas. Patients should not undergo treatment with Revolax Deep w/ Lidocaine if they have undergone other aesthetic procedures like chemical peelings, laser therapy, and dermabrasion treatments.

If your patients suffer from deep wrinkles and folds or lack facial volume, purchase Revolax Deep with Lidocaine to help them look and feel younger.

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