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Company's policy and responsibility

The company policy of Medical Device Source is to give our customers high quality and state-of-the-art health products and services at a competitive price. We are a company responsible for providing specialty health services, and we understand the need to keep our clients' information highly confidential.

Our website uses an https encryption (TLS formerly SSL) protocol to encrypt online communications of data. We assure you that your personal information is safe and secure with us. Our privacy policy below can give you more information about the process and procedures we follow to keep your information confidential.


Customer's responsibility

Our customers are responsible for providing adequate and correct information. When personal information is shared, the customer must ensure that the shared information is used only for the stated purpose and kept confidential.


Terms used in this policy

In this policy, the terms "us", "we", "our", and "company" refer to Medical Device Source and/or our business associates and partners. The terms "customer", "you", and "your" refer to the clients of Medical Device Source, as well as all website visitors who intend to establish a business relationship with Medical Device Source.


Customer's consent

When a customer provides personal information, it is implied that the customer has consented to our storing and using this information for the purposes stated within our privacy policy.


The right to modify the policy

The company reserves the right to alter or modify its privacy policy as required at any time. These modifications or alterations will be posted on, and they would come into effect 30 calendar days from the date of notification. If a customer does not agree to the modifications proposed, he or she has the right to inform us and take control of the information provided to us before the said policies come into effect.


Information of a child

We follow a general policy of not collecting any information from any child below 13 years of age. However, this information can be given to us for certain purposes, provided that it is with the consent of the child's parents or guardian.


The process of collecting information

The company may require certain basic personal information, including your name, zip code, postal address, email address, and mobile phone and telephone number. For particular medications and research, we may also request information such as the date of birth, demographic data, and personal and familial health information. This personal information is collected directly from you after you give your consent to use the information. To ensure the highest quality customer service, your calls may be monitored or recorded at any time.


The application and scope of the privacy policy


  1. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act presents the guidelines on which the privacy policy of is formulated and framed.
  2. The privacy policy given here applies to all the information and data that is collected from customers, and the disclosure and use of that information by us.
  3. The privacy policy given here also applies to the control and handling of information and data whether it is in electronic, written, or any other medium.



Use and Sharing of Information

Information provided by us

The company provides information via emails related to various topics that are related to medical science. This information may include general health information, newsletters, and details on specific topics as required by the customer. The information is provided by us only after the consent of the customer. If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving information at any point of time, you can send us an email request.


Information given to us

The information given to us by our customers is used for providing medical products as well as services, which is the core business purpose of Medical Device Source. We may use part of the collected information for improving our own operations and for improving the efficiency of treatment. The information given by you may be printed, copied, distributed, or transited without risking the confidentiality of the data, and within the framework of the applicable laws.


Security of data

There are adequate security measures taken for keeping the information provided by customers confidential. These precautions are taken in terms of data utilization, retrieval, and storage. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to access customers' personal information, and we do not give any part of the customers' personal information to a third party without the customers' consent.


Third party service

At any time during the future, we may seek the services of an appropriate third party after careful evaluation for the storage, collection, and use of new, as well as existing, information. In such a scenario, all the provisions within this privacy policy will remain applicable.



We may conduct occasional surveys through our website. Participation of our customers in such surveys is optional. The personal information provided in these surveys can be used for understanding your preferences, as well as fulfilling your requirements by providing efficient service.


Implementation of privacy policy

The privacy policy that has been created to protect your interests is implemented through the following:


Accountability and taking responsibility

The Company is devoted to the information in its possession, and will entrust appropriate executives with the responsibility and accountability for the safety of data.


Purpose for collection of information

We will ascertain the purpose for the collection of data before it is collected, and the purpose will be shared with the customers as well. The collection will then be limited only to the ascertained purpose, and the information will be collected directly from customers.


Consent of the customer

We will only collect, use, share, and disclose your personal data with your full knowledge and consent.


Use of information

Your personal data will not be used for any purpose other than that which has been shared with you. Information will not be given to a third party without either your consent or on request from a law enforcement agency.

We also restrict access to credit card information after obtaining the required information to complete a transaction. Credit card details are not provided to merchants.
We will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other manner disclose account or transaction data, or personal information of or about a cardholder to anyone, except, its acquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations or in response to valid government demands.


Storage and security of information

The information that is collected from you will be updated and accurate as per the requirements of the ascertained purpose. We are completely committed to securing this information from unauthorized access, duplication, and theft.


Transparency of information

We have a transparent privacy policy, and any change will be notified to you through our website. You can inquire about your personal information in our possession at any time. If you request such information, we will provide the details of your information in our possession, the persons authorized to access the data, and the purpose for which the data is being used.


Communication address

If you have any questions or concerns about the Medical Device Source privacy policy, you can contact us at

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