• Manufacturer : Anika Therapeutics
  • Active Substance(s) : Sodium hyaluronate
  • Pack Size : 1-4ml prefilled syringe
  • Accessories: Package insert, 1 traceability label
  • B - Brand Name
CINGAL®  1-4ml prefilled syringe
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Product Information

Generic name: sodium hyaluronate/triamcinolone hexacetonide
Brand name: Cingal
Drug class: Viscosupplementation agent
Dosage form: 88 mg/4ml solution in prefilled syringe
Manufacturer: Anika Therapeutics
FDA Approval: Pending approval in the United States


Cingal is a combination of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) and a corticosteroid to provide pain relief from knee osteoarthritis. The drug is approved in Canada and other EU countries, and its approval is pending regulatory review in the United States. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body and is an essential component of healthy joints and tissues. Triamcinolone hexacetonide is a potent anti-inflammatory corticosteroid that provides rapid pain relief in patients with knee osteoarthritis. This novel viscosupplement from Anika Therapeutics claims to provide rapid pain relief for up to six months.

Important Information

This combination viscosupplementation agent is indicated for the treatment of pain in knee osteoarthritis in patients who have not experienced significant symptom relief from other standard treatments. Cingal comes in a 5ml syringe that has a 4ml dose; each syringe of Cingal is for single use. This drug should be administered by a healthcare professional in a hospital or clinic setting; proper aseptic techniques should be adhered to during the injection process. Some patients experience increased inflammation in the affected area after injection. This medication should be administered with great caution in patients with impaired cardiac and renal function, endocrine disorders, and other conditions where the use of a corticosteroid is warned against.

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