• Manufacturer : Galderma
  • Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid
  • Strength : 20mg/ml
  • Pack Size : 1-2ml prefilled syringe
  • Accessories: Package insert, 2 tracebility labels
  • B - Brand Name
RESTYLANE® SUBQ™ 2ml 1 pre-filled syringe
RESTYLANE® SUBQ™ 2ml 1 pre-filled syringe RESTYLANE® SUBQ™ 2ml 1 pre-filled syringe RESTYLANE® SUBQ™ 2ml 1 pre-filled syringe

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Product Specifications

Product Name: RESTYLANE® SUBQ.
Active Composition: Non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, NASHA™ (20 mg/ml).
Volume & Packaging: 1x2 mL pre-filled syringe.
Manufacturer: Q-Med AB.
Origin: Europe.
Accessory: Package insert. A patient record label. (It is recommended to use a blunt cannula with side exit, within the range of 16-21G. The recommended sharp needle size is 21G).
Storage Conditions: Store up to 25℃; Protect from freezing and sunlight.
Note: Sterile packaging.

Product Information

Aging, rapid weight loss, and illness can all cause the face to lose volume and gain an aged appearance. Purchase Restylane SubQ from Medical Device Source to restore volume and definition to skin. Restylane SubQ is a medical device made with non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) in a clear, injectable gel. Of the various Restylane products, SubQ has the largest particle size, making it suitable for filling in areas of the face that have experienced a large amount of fat loss. Restylane SubQ 2ml is an alternative to procedures like fat transfer for restoring volume to the face.

Aging and sun exposure can cause the skin to lose its hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, and this loss of volume and elasticity can cause anything from wrinkles to areas of deep volume loss in the face. Facial volume loss can also be caused by rapid weight loss or by illness such as HIV. Procedures such as a facelift can tighten the skin, but they do not address the underlying problem of sunken areas of skin. With its thick particles, Restylane SubQ can restore volume to areas of the face affected by aging, weight loss, or illness. As you inject Restylane SubQ deep below the skin with a large needle, the large particles of hyaluronic acid attract moisture and plump up to many times their original size. This restores volume to the skin, filling in areas beneath the skin to fill out the face and smooth the look of deep lines and wrinkles. The additional volume from the Restylane SubQ injections can also give the face a subtle face lift, lifting sagging skin up higher. You can use Restylane SubQ 2ml to restore or add volume to the cheeks or chin or to add definition to the cheekbones or jaw. This more plump, contoured look will restore a youthful appearance to your patient's face and reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

Similar to other medical devices made with hyaluronic acid, Restylane SubQ could cause side effects. These side effects of Restylane SubQ could include tenderness, pain, discoloration, redness, swelling, and itching at the injection site, and they usually resolve spontaneously within a day or two. Other potential Restylane SubQ side effects could include hypersensitivity, temporary lumpiness, superficial necrosis, urticaria, and granuloma. You should not treat patients with Restylane SubQ that have a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid. Once you have injected your patients with Restylane SubQ, the volume restoration can last for about a year or more. With volume restored to their facial features, your patients can enjoy a more youthful appearance and more defined facial features to get the look they want without fat transfer or surgery. Purchase Restylane SubQ from Medical Device Source to restore volume and definition to aging skin for a more full, youthful appearance.

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